Anniversary Present!

My wife, Kay—the best wife there could possibly be in the history of marriage—got me a present for our second anniversary tomorrow:

My wife's anniversary present to me

What’s that, you ask?  It’s fur (well, faux fur).  RED faux fur, with a rich black undertone to it.  It’s got a nice, complex color.  We have three yards of it, and with this red fur, we’re going to embark on an adventure I’ve been wanting to do for years…


My plan is to have a very flowing, open body shape (think Cookie Monster/Rowlf), ping pong ball eyes with fixed pupils, two horns, and a nose and palms made from some black faux-leather.  I’m trying to take inspiration from the classic rug puppets, but not really copy any of them.

Of course, I’ll post pictures about the progress my wife and I are making as the project progresses…

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